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Beijing chuangjilink Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of data communication equipment, is committed to research and development, production and sales of communication equipment industry leading level. The company has strong R & D strength, accurate market positioning and high-quality products and after-sales service, to create the highest value-added for users, in the highly competitive communications market has won a place.

Company brand:  SUCC LINK

The development of Internet based road always adhere to independent innovation, adhere to grasp the core of intellectual property products strategy. Provide cost-effective data transmission and broadband network access product solutions for the army, telecommunications, railways, power, oil, public security and other industries.
At present, the mainstream product line includes:
Industrial switch series, PoE switch series, Gigabit network integrated optical access equipment, physical isolation network transmitter and PCM multiplexing equipment, PCM photoelectric integration equipment, optical fiber transceiver, SDH\\PDH optical transceiver, protocol converter, video transmitter and E1 codec, E1 channel protector, field communication transmitter and broadcast transmitter HD SDI/HDMI/VGA, etc..
Provide customized development of communication equipment
Our goal is to become the domestic first-class communication network access equipment suppliers and service providers, we sincerely hope that with the vast number of users, partners and distributors with common development and create a better future.
Enterprise philosophy: scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented;
Consolidate the foundation and seek truth from facts;
Market orientation and service orientation.



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