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Chuangjilink has always adhered to technological innovation, attracting a batch of first-class industrial communications, network communications technology experts and research and development personnel at home and abroad. The products developed have advanced technology, independent intellectual property rights, many patents for invention, utility models, patents for design and software copyrights. The company's professional technology and service team, adhere to the customer-oriented philosophy, patiently listen to customer needs, quickly solve customer problems, and create the maximum value for customers. We are always in order to promote the development of communications technology, implementation technology and application integration is a source of power, we also work with customers, partners and distributors with common development and create a better future, become the beneficiaries of social development..
Since the establishment of the company, product performance to maintain rapid growth, in military information, safe city, power system, industrial automation, rail transportation, financial systems, networking, medical systems and security systems in the field of major projects in a wide range of applications.



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