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Industrial switches have quickly become popular in the security field and solve video Caden

Industrial Ethernet switches are special types of network switching products. In recent years, due to the rapid popularization of digital applications in the monitoring industry, industrial switches have begun to become popular in the field of security and defense, and the number of applications has increased. The development of the security industry. Provides a strong source of power.
Because of the unique characteristics of the security system, the installation environment of the front-end camera is an outdoor environment. As a switch product for video transmission, it can also withstand a wide range of temperature fluctuations, humidity changes, as well as lightning shocks, electromagnetic interference and other bad factors. factor, In this way, industrial switches become a necessary choice. Industrial switches use industrial-grade chips to adapt to the working environment of -40 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius. The power supply adopts a redundant design and can pass strict vibration and impact tests. Because of these characteristics, industrial Ethernet switches will become the most important transmission equipment for security monitoring systems.
The traditional major brands of industrial switches are foreign manufacturers. After the development of domestic brands in recent years, there have been several brands with considerable strength, such as Sanwang, Dongtu, and SUCCLINK. Domestic brand of industrial switchboard products, the biggest advantage is the high cost performance. This is also in line with the market demand of the security industry, so with the increase of the security industry's demand for industrial switches, domestic industrial switches manufacturers are growing rapidly. With the development of switch technology, domestic brand of industrial Ethernet switches will soon become the mainstream of security industry transmission products.
Video surveillance data often presents Caden problems. The main reasons are:
1, video data requirements are high, traditional fast communication industry, exchange of data below 1M, and video surveillance data, bandwidth in 4-8M, burst up to 16-32M, higher bandwidth requirements;
2, video data is parallel data, often giant frames, such as insufficient cache, will greatly reduce the data forwarding efficiency;
3, the effect of ambient temperature, such as beyond the normal range of the working temperature of the product, equipment may malfunction or work efficiency decline, causing video carton.
In order to deal with the problem of complex and harsh security applications and video transmission in large areas, the domestic brand CJ-LINK has launched a series of industrial security switches. It inherits the advantages of wide temperature(-40 ~ 75 °) and high protection against dust IP 40 in the power industry exchange. It also simplifies the complex functions of enterprise switches and increases the cache and audio data processing capabilities of switches. Be competent for the bad outdoor application environment, and will not increase the project input cost. Through the breakthrough and innovation of key technologies such as large data frame processing, the new product is tailor-made for the security industry and solves the problem of video link Katon. It is suitable for the scene needs of security access, convergence and Gigabit access for large-scale projects.
The difference with the definition of traditional enterprise-class switches applications, in addition to the wide temperature of -40 -75 °, is the use of fan free design, ultra-silent effective dust protection, is very suitable for the security application environment, can provide a complete set of standard non-Carton IP solutions Meet the scale application of the whole industry transmission field, bring better monitoring experience to customers.



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