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Gigabit physical isolation network integrated service optical terminal production

In recent years, under the background of building a harmonious society and a peaceful city in various places, Skynet projects have been implemented one after another, and video surveillance services have grown rapidly, putting forward higher requirements for network bandwidth. The existing public security four-level network equipment still uses E1 circuits(one or several) for uploading in some areas. The more advanced areas have undergone optical fiber transformation several years ago, but most of the network bandwidth provided is below 100 Mb/S. It is no longer adequate. In the face of this situation, using optical fiber transmission to increase network bandwidth is an inevitable choice
Our company in the original Gigabit multi-service optical terminal machine technology, in response to users 'needs to launch an upgrade, CJ series physical isolation integrated business optical terminal machine using independent core technology research and development, optical port rate of 2.5 G system, powerful, stable performance. The implementation of 2 physical isolation 1000M and 2 physical isolation 100M wire speed Ethernet data channels, video, audio, E1(G. 703), telephone, asynchronous data RS232/422/485 hybrid reuse and transmission.
With alarm, monitoring function, perfect design, high integration, low power consumption, easy to use.
Widely used in telecommunications, mobile and other telecommunications operators public networks and special networks such as post and telecommunications, electricity, banks, public security, troops, railways, large-scale enterprises and institutions.
The interface technical parameters are in line with international or domestic standards
All board cards support hot plug
All ports have surge and Class III lightning protection
Modular system design; Configure business modules of various functions according to demand
Support video, audio, asynchronous data, telephone, E1(G. 703), Ethernet(10M/100M/1000M), etc..
Support two-way video, two-way audio, two-way data, etc..
Full number, no compressed transmission
Support for any high resolution video signal
Automatic compatibility PAL, NTSC, SECAM video format
 1000M Ethernet channel, supports non-blocking, wire speed forwarding, compatible with IEEE 802.3 AB
Total physical isolation between gigabytes and gigabytes, between gigabytes and hundreds of gigabytes, between hundreds of gigabytes and hundreds of gigabytes
 Transmission rate: 10/100/1000 Mps
Gigabit fibre transmission, large capacity, easy to upgrade
The circuit integration is high. Stable operation, low failure rate and low power consumption
Perfect indicator lights, real-time detection of various states in the operation of equipment



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