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Intelligent PCM photoelectric multiplexing equipment

  • BH3630-E1 PCM Multiplexer
  • BH3630-E1 PCM Multiplexer
BH3630-E1 PCM MultiplexerBH3630-E1 PCM Multiplexer

BH3630-E1 PCM Multiplexer

  • 30 ports
  • Speed: 10/100M
  • E1:1~2
  • Product description: BH3630 PCM Multiplexer can be 1 to 30 phones and a Road N * 64K Ethernet signal compositeinto a standard 2M (E1) channels for transmission。

BH3630-E1 PCM Multiplexer can be 1 to 30 phones and a Road N * 64K Ethernet signal compositeinto a standard 2M (E1) channels for transmissionIt uses a dedicated digital multiplexing chip and almost integrate digital logic function, thus significantly improve product performance and reduce costs. The device is excellent overall performance, stable and reliable, low power consumption, high integration, small size, easy installation and maintenance.

BH3630 PCM Multiplexer Features

1Provide 1~30 channel phone(Business Interface)
2Supply 1 channel Ethernet(N*64K) Optional
3Phone interface supports Caller ID and provide reverse polarity signal
4Easy installation
5Perfect status display function, easy maintenance and management
6A variety of Power supply DC-48V or AC 220V

Business Include
1、FXO -- connect PBX
2、FXS -- connect Phone
3、2/4 wire Audio

7、Hot line Phone

BH3630 PCM Multiplexer Technical Parameters

E1 Interface
Bit Rate:2.048Mbit/s ±50ppm
Standard:ITU-T G.703、G.704、G.712
Jitter characteristics:ITU-T G.823
Impedence:75 ohm(120 ohm Optional)
Physical Connector:NEC(RJ45)

Impedence: 600 ohm
Insertion Loss:-3±0.75dB
Frequency Characteristics:300 3400Hz(-0.6+3dB)
Crosstalk attenuation:65dB
Physical Connector :RJ45

Ethernet Interface
Standard:IEEE 802.3/802.3u,IEEE 802.1Q(VLAN)
Rate: N*64K,Half/ Full duplex adaptive
Support cross-line direct line adaptive
Physical Connector:RJ45

RS232/V.24 Interface
electrical specification:CCITT V.28
transmission rate:asynchronous≤19200bps

2/4 wire Audio Interface
4 wireAD gain:14dB(adjustable)
4 wireDA gain:-2 dB(adjustable)
4 wireAD frequency characteristics :-0.2 - +0.2dB
4 wireDA frequency characteristics:-0.2 - +0.2dB
2 wireAD frequency characteristics:-0.2 - +0.2dB
2 wireDA frequency characteristics:-0.2 - +0.2dB(adjustable)
Return Loss:40dB
common mode rejection ratio:70dB
power supply rejection ratio:30dB
Idle channel noise:≥65dB
Loop Resistance:600Ω

Power consumption:≦30W